Monday, September 11, 2017

Everest-Gokyo Trek Experiences

Everest trek is always interesting, new experiences, challenging, & hard as well. As a guide, I have been facing so many experiences. Sometimes, people get so excited & cry; sometime they can’t climb on this altitude & get sick then cry. There are always two different causes to cry on the mountain. One; they are happy, other; they can’t do it.

Here I am talking about Gokyo lake trek. I forgot the year, it should in 2010, I had Hungarian Doctors group for Gokyo lake trek. Actually, they had come to Nepal for a seminar in Tilganga Eye Hospital. I think they were an eye specialist. All they were women, they had booked Gokyo lake trek after their seminar.

We flew to Lukla, & started to trek. They were old women, we had slow & gentle pace. I had hired porters from Lukla. One of the Sherpa porters was very experienced, hardworking & helpful. We stopped two nights in Namche Bazar & climbed to Gokyo trail. This day became very interesting, terrible, & unforgettable as well. There is one point named Lausasa, from here; one trail to go EBC & one goes to Gokyo Lake. It is a steep climb from this place to Fungi Danda. Our porters were ahead than us on this uphill. We met them closed top, unluckily, Sherpa porter was vomiting frequently. We always fear vomiting in this altitude but it is not normal for him because he was okay in this morning & he is very experienced porter for this area. Of course, he was Sherpa from this region. It is not altitude sickness.

We stopped on the top of a hill. There are a couple of teahouses as well. We were in the doctors’ group, they tested blood pressure, eye pressure, and everything was perfect. They gave him some energy drinks. I was quite worried, I talked to my boss in Kathmandu. He asked me his name, age & address for insurance. I think there was no insurance till that time. I asked him to stop here or to go back to Namche Bazar. But he refused & said, I am not sick, I encountered to ghost in Lausasa. Ghost made me sick, down there is a witch doctor, he will make me okay. I was worried, there were others porters too but to send him back alone is not a good idea. If other porter goes with him, two porters baggage will be a problem for us. But Sherpa carried his bag pack & trekked down to Fortse Thanga.

We stopped in Fortse Thanga for lunch. There was a cook who was witch doctor too. We asked him to make Sherpa okay. I was a bit shy from our doctor's group because they were medical doctors & we are getting treatment from a witch doctor. It was a shame for us. No, one of the Hungarian doctors asked me to do the same thing what we were doing. She said, she also knows that idea & it works very easily too. He has everything okay, there should be something nature affection. She asked him lay down on the bench. She didn’t touch but did as like our witch doctor. She said he will be okay after 15 minutes.

Actually, I was surprised to see that an eye specialist doctor was practicing as a witch doctor. I stopped to Sherpa porter in lunch place. Other porters helped to carry his bag pack. I suggested to him stay an overnight at Fortse Thanga because he didn’t want to go back. We trekked to Dhole for the overnight. I was worried about Porter; it was hard to get a new porter in this remote area. This trail was not that busy otherwise sometimes we could meet some porters.

Sherpa porter came in next day early in the morning & he was quite okay.  It was surprised for us, he would believe in ghost & our doctor too then he became okay. It was coincident or what was?  He trekked all the way to Gokyo & on the top of the Gokyo Ri without any problem again.

One of the doctor/she was witch doctor too, she was crying on the way to Gokyo Ri. First I got confused & thought maybe she is sick or couldn’t walk. No! She was crying because it was too beautiful in the morning with Mt. Everest view & others gorgeous view. It was new for me someone is crying with nature’s beauty. It was unforgettable trip ever.

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